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We bought around 20K leads from them for around $1400. Only 1 lead matured to the point where they visited our web-site. Not a single penny in sales. Not sure how companies like these stay in business with all the fraud they are doing. They will call you and say all good things about their service. You would think let's give them a try but then they will tell you that you have to stay with them for 3 months and their is no shorter contract and... Read more

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Hi I understand your concerns with our data. We cannot cancel an account on good faith that the data is incorrect. As we discussed multiple times, I need documentation of the bad data in order to confirm you are getting outside of our normal accuracy expectation. I understand that this is an inconvenience for you however, aside from providing the scrubbed data that has come back from Merrill Lynch (which IS a requirement from Merrill Lynch... Read more

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Watch out for the fine print! Never in the long phone conversation that I had with the salesperson did he ever mention that after the 3 months that I paid for would they keep billing me. That just seems like the right thing to do, at least mention, hey if you want to cancel after the three months, you better give us 30 days notice beforehand or we'll keep charging you. BTW there's not going to be a refund for your credits that you aren't going... Read more

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I'm a consumer who got a cold call from a company that claims to have bought my wife's name and phone number from SalesGenie. When I explained to the caller that we're registered with the FTC Do Not Call registry and that all unrequested/unwanted/cold sales calls to registered individuals in that FTC registry can potentially be fined $1,000 per call, the caller claimed that SalesGenie has them sign a contract that absolves them (the annoying... Read more

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Try LeadFerret. We also made the mistake of trying salesgenie, because of the cost, we were trying to cut back on what we spent on leads. Yes they are cheap, but cheap does not always = good, jamming up your CRM with *** was not worth it. We again went on a search for inexpensive leads but this time did our research. We wanted to find companies in the US, had an online tool (so we can run our own searches), include complete information - that... Read more

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I used Salesgenie for years. I think it was a good value for awhile but the price kept going up. I was at $165.00 per month and had already accumulated credits for about 30,000 records that I didn't really need. I would have stayed with them had they offered a low monthly rate and then just charged for downloads as needed. I took my 30,000 downloads and quit. With all my other downloaded names, I think I'm good for a year or two. I was... Read more

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January 20, 2016 - The guy who just called really had an attitude with me. After I would not disclose the information he was demanding he ended the call by telling me to have a blessed day - as if I have a problem in need of spiritual help. It is marketers like this who give the business a bad name! He was "representing" Fort Knox (of Tampa). I called them to complain. Maybe they will find a different marketing company. There are a lot... Read more

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DONT DO IT! CONTRACT SCAM ALERT! Their "leeds" are terrible. The emails you have to PAY FOR are wrong. The "executives" they list are no longer there or worse, dead. Have fun going to see a new client and explaining why you inquired about a former employee who has been dead for fifteen years. Want to print out a contacts info? PAY EXTRA Want to email someone? PAY EXTRA Would you like to know who is head of purchasing or who is the IT engineer?... Read more

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A man called our shop asking for my husband who was not available at the time so I asked to take a message and he gave me his name and a phone number and then when I asked what it was in regards to he said my husband was "referred to him." I then asked him what it was in regards to and if it was a sales call and he said "can you just have XXXX call me" When I asked who referred my husband to him "he said sales genie, thank you and hung up on... Read more

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I have used sales genie for 7 years and have consisently pushed six figure income a year. I found sales genie is a great starting point. It does not sell, you have to sell. Sale genie just puts you in a position to sell. I find most so called sales people out ther really don't know how to sell. Their sales or marketing skills are limited to smiling and being friendly and saying a few facts about their product or service and HOPING their sales... Read more

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